Hovertech is involved in the design and production of technical equipment as well as the development of new technological solutions. Our offer includes original, unconventional solutions and modern equipment- products and technologies designed for civil and military use, emergency and rescue, motor vehicles, tourism and nature conservation. The specialised equipment we have created so far has gained approval and very good opinions, and it is already being used in emergency rescue units, scientific institutes, commercial businesses and by private users. These products include unconventional vehicles, production technologies and usage procedures.

The fact that our products can be used both in military and civil contexts provides nearly unlimited sale opportunities, given the right preparation. The level of technical and technological advancement of our products greatly exceeds that offered by potential competition, thus giving us a monopoly in some fields, not only on the polish market. The market value of one of Hovertech’s areas of activity-emergency and rescue-is an excellent example of the development possibilities. In Poland alone, the investments for the next 5 years in this area are estimated at least several dozen million Euros.
Our offer includes products and production technologies such as:

  • Professional hovercrafts designed for emergency, civil and military purposes
  • Hovercrafts for tourism and emergency rescue
  • High performance portable ventilation equipment
  • Composite construction elements for civil and military vehicles
  • Our offer also includes solutions that are unique on a European scale, and which set a new standard of performance:
  • Search-recognition-investigation system (Hovercraft, GPS, Echo sounder, Camera, Computer)
  • Training methods of inland actions for pilots
  • Training on procedures and proper use of the equipment for emergency rescue, civil and military purposes.
  • An action and organisation plan for a commercial, specialised group working on hovercrafts.
  • Modern technologies for the production and use of composites.

We are currently working on new solutions in the fields of aerodynamics and mechanics. Designs of new vessels and equipment are now being developed. We are also in an advanced stage of negations regarding supplying our products to institutions such as: police departments, boarder control units, the army, WOPR (Volunteer Lifeguards Association) as well as other clients, both domestic and international.
We would like to build business relationships with companies and institutions interested in using our designs, or in the implementation of contracted projects or designs. We offer full commitment and unconventional, yet effective work methods.

Cooperating companies:

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63-600 Bralin

Stowarzyszenie WTR
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