• Piana Bosmana 2012

    The Odra river festival is taking place next weekend. One of the main attractions will be the “Floating on whatever floats” competition on Saturday. The first “whatever” has already been put on the water- what will it be? Acrobatic shows over the water, competition in floating on “whatever floats”, motorboat races and concerts- are only some of the many attractions prepared by the organisers of “Piana Bosmana”.
  • “The Knights of the Cross by the Pond”

    Outstanding singers and actors, live rock music, gloomy black and white scenery mixed with modern choreography. All that, combined with lasers, hovercrafts, jet skis and firework displays from the surface of the water, is to be seen on Tuesday, 3rd of May by the Jelcz Pond.
  • „Ekstremalny weekend”

    An event like no other. Martial arts demonstrations, tricks on motors and bikes, kayak races, basketball tournaments and bungee jumps plus concerts of local bands and a party until morning- those are just some of the special attractions planned for the weekend of the 9th to 10th of October.
  • Taking part in the efforts to remove ice from a water gate using TNT

    January 2003- efforts including a hovercraft involved crushing ice blockages, which caused flood threats in a couple of towns. The blockages were forming on a relatively narrow – about 6 to 8 metres, river with a strong current, and depth of about 3 to 6 metres. Two HT-P400 ANACONDA hovercrafts were used in the operation. Using regular vessels was impossible due to the shape of the terrain and presence of terrain obstacles.

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