Our accomplishments include:

  • Broad knowledge and practical experience in the production and use of hovercrafts.
  • Internationally recognised logo
  • Prestige and stable position on the market
  • Relationships with main rescue units
  • Business contacts in Poland and abroad
  • Knowledge and experience related to the construction and use of a variety of mechanical devices (hovercrafts, aviation, motor vehicles)
  • Ca. 3000 hours of hovercraft tests in winter and summer conditions
  • Taking part in rescue efforts on land, water and ice, in Poland and abroad.
  • Participation in shows and exhibitions in Poland and abroad, including those following invitations from the National Headquarters of the State Fire Service, Police Voivodeship Headquarters, Voivodeship Headquarters of the State Fire Service, National Board of the Volunteer Lifeguards’ Association, Crisis Management Centre.

Hovertech has introduced an exceptional and innovative-on a European scale- set of tests and actions aiming at the preparation of the hovercraft, additive to a number of procedures suitable for use in rescue efforts on inland waters, in European climactic conditions and those similar to it. Owing to our great commitment, we have conducted about 3000 hours of flight, including about 500 in extreme conditions during rescue efforts. The experienced gained allowed for the technical preparation of the Anaconda HT-P400 Hovercraft, which we can now claim is the best prepared device of its type for basic rescue efforts on inland waters, during all European seasons. We have also prepared original procedures, which include reliable crew training methods as well as protocols of effective use of the hovercrafts in prevention and rescue efforts on land, water and ice. They include:

  • Training procedures for sport, professional and rescue pilots
  • Procedures for prevention efforts
  • Procedures for efforts in exceptionally dangerous conditions
  • Action plan during floods
  • Operations on ice and ice blockages including the use of explosives
  • PGEKL Search System (Hovercraft, GPS, Echo sounder, Camera, Computer)
  • Structure and Action Plan for GWTR (Rescue Squad Technical Support Team)
  • Instruction manuals

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